About Us

We would like to get started by informing our readers that Dentsply is a fully owned subsidiary of DENTSPLY International Inc. Our Contact Number is (03) 5332 5304 and we are located at 96, Normans Road, Woohlpooer, Victoria, Australia. We would like to spend a few lines informing our readers about the kind of activities that we offer to our readers. We believe that it will help our readers to have a better idea about us, our track record, the kind of products and services that we offer to our clients in Australia and other places.

We Offer A Large Range Of Dental Market Related Products

Over the years, DENTSPLY has become a well-known firm because of a number of reasons. We have the required experience and expertise when it comes to developing, manufacturing, and marketing a wide range of products that are essential as far as the dental industry and market is concerned. We along with many experts and others believe that we could be arguably the leading manufacturer in the world apart from being a distributor of a wide range of dental market-related products. The range of products is quite wide and it may not be possible to list down each and every one of them.

However, we are listing down a few of the most common products that are from are manufactured and marketed from the stables of DENTSPLY. These include dental alloys that are made from precious metals. Additionally, we also manufacture and distribute some of the best dental prosthetics. We also manufacture and market high-quality endodontic instruments and associated materials apart from dental ceramics.

We are also considered to be one of the most reputed manufacturers of dental sealants, ultrasonic scalers, and also a wide range of prophylaxis paste. Our reputation, as a supplier of high-quality bridge and crown materials is known to everyone who keeps a track and buys these products. It also gives us happiness to inform our readers that we are leading manufacturers as well as a distributor for customers in the USA. Here also we supply a wide range of products whether it is film mounts, film holders for dental x-rays, dental handpieces, and also various types of grafting materials and also bone-related substitutes.

Over the years we also have earned name and fame for being a renowned source of supply of dental anesthetics that are in the injectable form. We also supply other products such as instruments for dental cutting, orthodontic appliances, various types of impression materials, and last but not the least different types of dental implants.

Presence In Over 120 Countries

We also would like to point out to our readers and other stakeholders that our high-quality dental products are present in more than 120 countries. They are sold under different brand’s names in various countries. This certainly is a big testimony to the wide acceptance of our various dental market-related products. Our products have the same quality and manufacturing standards across the world.

We would like to conclude by mentioning that DENTSPLY has always been committed to the research, design, manufacture, and marketing of the best quality products that are innovative. Our products are also competitive in pricing in a highly price-conscious market across the world.

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